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Yogi Jennilee’s Mindful Minute


The Energy of Spring is an up, up, upward energy of the Element Wood (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine). It inspires creativity, growth, and new ideas (and commitment to follow through on such new ideas!) Sometimes, though, in this transition from winter to spring, we can get unsettled by this push to plant new seeds, to do the work to tend to the seeds, and then commit to them as they grow, grow, grow! If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by this fresh, active, and dynamic wood element energy tries this Down-and-Out Breathing Technique for settling, calming, and grounding:

1. Find a comfortable seat (on a chair or on the floor/ground).

2. Feel what parts of the body are touching the floor/ground.

3. Notice your inhales and exhales through your nose and whispering past the back of your throat.

4. See if you can lengthen your inhales and exhales to a 6-count in and a 6-count out.

5. For one minute (5 complete rounds of 6-count inhales and exhales) focus on your exhales and their down & out quality (this is called Apana Vayu in yoga). Notice yourself becoming calmer and more grounded.

6. When you finished, return your focus to the gentle rhythm of both inhales and exhales. Feel again the parts of your body that are touching the floor/ground.

7. When you are ready, mindfully transition into the next phase of your day.

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