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Recipe of the month

Recipe of the Month: Quick High Protein Egg White Oatmeal

This can have anywhere between 25 and 50 grams of protein, 35-50 grams of carbs, and 2-5 grams of fat depending on your product choices and add-ins.


  • Egg Whites (buying them in the carton is the best way to use these)
  • Your favorite instant oatmeal (I like Kodiak Cakes protein oatmeal)
  • Yogurt (Any is fine but plain fat-free Greek or a cup of Oikos Pro Series is what I use)
  • Berries


Cook the oatmeal using just a little less water than the package calls for one minute
Add ¼ cup egg whites and whisk.

Put back in the microwave for another 45 seconds. Take out and whisk. (If it isn’t warm enough yet, you can put it back in for a few more seconds, just be sure to whisk every 15 seconds or so, so that it stays creamy and your egg whites don’t scramble)

At this point, you can add another ¼ cup of egg whites if you want to. Whisk them in really well and heat a little more if needed. Top with your oatmeal of choice, and some berries, too, if desired.


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