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Yogi Jennilee’s Mindful Minute: Be in the Pause

Be in the Pause.

One of the quickest way to settle the mind and enter into a state of calmness is by focusing on
the pauses between the in-breaths and the out-breaths, and the pauses between the outbreaths and the in-breaths. By guiding the mind into the pauses between the breaths, one
begins to find the pause between the thoughts. In the pauses, such stillness, such peace.

Sitting or Standing Comfortably:

1. Tune into your inhale – feel it coming into your body via the nostrils.

2. Notice a slight pause as the inhale finishes coming into the body.

3. Tune into your exhale – feel the breath leaving your body via the nostrils.

4. Notice the slight pause as the exhale completes itself, no breath left.

5. Continue to breath slowly in and out through the nostrils – noticing the pauses after each
inhale, and after each exhale.

6. If you can, lengthen the pause just a little bit. Notice the increased stillness.

7. After a minute of this focused breath-pause technique return to natural breathing in and out
of the nostrils (with no specific focus on the pauses between breaths).
Enjoy a sense of calmness and clarity in both the body and the mind.



Jennilee TonerJennilee’s passion for fitness and love for the human body is evidenced by her many accomplishments spanning the last 3 decades. 
  • Serving in the U.S. Army as a medic at 21 yrs. old
  • Became a licensed massage therapist at the age of 27
  • Fitness and yoga instructor since 2003
  • Author of The Perfect Chaturanga: A Comprehensive Guide to the Human Body Through the Practice of Vinyasa Yoga
  • 2012: she created the Hot Warrior Yoga 200-hour teacher training
  • 2016: she created the Inner Sanctum Yoga 300-hour advanced and the 300-hour advanced trainings for Buti Yoga
  • Currently studying to be an Acupuncturist

Jennilee helped establish the hot yoga studio at Alpin Haus Fitness Center and soon after in 2016 joined as an instructor. Since 2017, she has been the Group Exercise Program Coordinator, leading a group of over 25 instructors.  Jennilee was promoted to Alpin Haus Fitness Center Manager in March 2021.

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