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Jen’s Nutrition Tips: The Skinny on Fruits

I talked at length about carbs in last month’s newsletter, and this month I want to briefly discuss the skinny on fruits, specifically.
Fruits (and veggies) are carbs.
As I pointed out last month, carbs are not the enemy! So I want to approach this conversation from two standpoints.

The first is, NOT to avoid fruits because they are carbs.
In general, people that eat more fruits and veggies tend to be healthier overall, live longer, and have more active lifestyles. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including something like household income. Unfortunately, there are many families that can not fit produce into their budget, and thus many health problems and shorter life expectancy are correlated to lower household income, among other things.
For now, we are just going to focus on the nutrient quality of these foods. (I just wanted to point out that I was not choosing to avoid other factors.) Even though fruits are carbs, you get a lot of bang for your buck with these food items.

“People that eat more fruits and veggies tend to be healthier overall, live longer, and have more active lifestyles.”

Many of them contain a lot of water, so you can have a higher volume of food for the same number of carbs compared to something like, say, a slice of bread. They also contain a
number of vitamins and minerals that starchier carbs lack. Fruits are excellent sources of vitamins C and B6, potassium, calcium and zinc, just to name a few. Fruits are also high in fiber,
which is great for the digestive system and colon health.
Now, this does not mean that fruits are a “free” food. They still have calories in them. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “all I eat are fruits and veggies and I can’t lose weight!”
Again, they still have calories, they’re just something that should be included as part of a healthy diet!
Here is an example of the macros in a few different fruits, serving sizes included.
And for reference, a slice of bread is general around 25 grams of carbs.

fruit calories

If you have any questions about fitting fruits into a healthy diet, come see me during office hours!
August hours:
Thursday August 19th from 4-6 pm
Tuesday August 24th from 5-6pm.

Jen Hazzard

Jen Hazzard is a Alpin Haus Fitness’ Nutritionist, a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, NCCPT certified Personal Trainer, holds a bachelor‘s degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Nutrition and a master’s degree in Chemistry Education.
She is also a record holding powerlifter and former marathon runner.





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