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Jennilee’s Mindful Minute: Cooling Breath

Summer is almost here and the summer heat has seemed to bear down on us quite early this year.
Try one of these breathing techniques to cool down your insides!

Sitali/Sitkari Breath (Cooling Breath)

1. Find yourself in a comfortable seat with an upright spine.
2. Allow your hands to be soft and relaxed in your lap or on your knees.
3. With your eyes closed or open partially, sense your breath moving in and out of your nose.
4. If you can curl your tongue, on your inhales, inhale through the curled tongue (mouth with be slightly open around your curled tongue). On your exhales, close your mouth and exhale
through your nose. This is Sitali Breath which cools the breath as it passes through the curled tongue.
5. If you can not curl your tongue (this is a genetic predisposition…some people just can’t!), press gently your tongue behind the touching front top and bottom teeth and sip in the air through partially parted lips.
This will encourage a snake-like sound and also will cool the breath as it passes by your tongue. On your exhale, close your mouth and exhale through your nose. This is Sitkari Breath (also known for its cooling benefits).
6. After about 6-10 rounds of one of these cooling breath techniques, return to your natural breath in and out through your nose. Notice the cooling and calming benefits of these
breathing techniques.
7. When you are ready, transition easefully and mindfully into the next phase of your day – always aware that breath supports you every step of the way!


Jennilee Toner

Jennilee helped establish the hot yoga studio at Alpin Haus Fitness Center and soon after in 2016 joined as an instructor. Since 2017, she has been the Group Exercise Program Coordinator, leading a group of over 25 instructors.  Jennilee was promoted to Alpin Haus Fitness Center Manager in March 2021.


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