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Jen’s Nutrition Tips: Fitting in Fall Treats

October is a busy month, and while we might be on the move pretty often and participating in our favorite activities, a lot of them revolve around enjoying fall treats, and can lead us astray from our nutritional goals if we are not careful. That’s not to say you need to abstain from having a cider donut or a pumpkin spice latte; just try to be conscious of where you are going and which
foods and drinks might be offered so you can plan for them. Also, by “plan for them,” I mean, loosely figure them into your macros. This can be done even if you are not someone who
strictly tracks macros.
I’ll show you what I mean.

For example, if you are planning to attend an Oktoberfest and will have a bratwurst on a roll and a beer, you are looking at the following:

  • Bratwurst on a bun, no condiments: 28 g fat, 27 g carbs, 19 g protein, approximately 440 calories.
  • Pint glass of ale: about 225 calories which you can track as either carbs or fat because most of the calories are from alcohol (I will talk about this in a later newsletter).
    Let’s say we are going to track it as carbs- this would be about 56 grams of carbs.

So this “meal” in total is 28 grams of fat, 83 grams of carbs, and 19 grams of protein, with 665 calories.

So if you know ahead of time you are going to this event, here if how I might structure my day

This is a high fat meal, so I know I’m going to keep my fat low for the rest of the day. I might opt for chicken for dinner instead of steak, and I may skip peanut butter for the day.
Normally for lunch I have rice (40 grams carb), chicken 30 grams protein and 5 grams fat) and veggies (10 grams carb). So, this meal puts me over on my carbs by 33 grams, and under my
protein by 11 grams.
So at breakfast, instead of having toast with my eggs, I may instead opt for a protein shake.
This brings my protein up and cuts carbs, without adding any fat.
I would want to be careful to not add any extra snacks and would eat my dinner as normal, otherwise.

“As you can see, making a few small changes can allow you to enjoy a fun and seasonal treat without blowing your intake and sacrificing your goals for the day!”

Here are the details on a few more fall treats:

  • Large apple: 30 grams carb, 120 calories
  • Apple cider, 1 cup: 28 grams carb, 112 calories
  • Cider donut: 15 g fat, 31 g carbs, 4 g protein, 275 calories
  • Pumpkin spice latte made with 2% milk, medium: 14 g fat, 52 g carb, 14 g protein, 390 calories
  • Pumpkin ice cream, half cup: 11 g fat, 14 g carb, 3 g protein, 155 calories


Jen Hazzard

Jen Hazzard is a Alpin Haus Fitness’ Nutritionist, a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, NCCPT certified Personal Trainer, holds a bachelor‘s degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Nutrition and a master’s degree in Chemistry Education.
She is also a record holding powerlifter and former marathon runner.





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